Health Insurance Solutions

Simple health insurance solutions for a complicated industry. Health is one of the most important aspects of our life. Proper healthcare is fundamental to living a healthy life. Health insurance offers financial protection for unexpected situations. The VIP Agency helps consumers find the best health insurance for their situation by helping health insurance agents have the right knowledge and tools.

Individual and Family Health Insurance

Helping individuals and families get the best health insurance for their needs and wants. Guiding consumers through the quoting and enrollment process. Helping make health insurance simple again.

Health Insurance Agents and Brokers

Helping new and experienced health insurance agents be independent with streamlined contracting for hundreds of carriers across all 50 States and a top-notch training system for success.

Honest Health Insurance


Providing relevant, sincere, and useful information.

Health Insurance Integrity


Doing what is right, regardless of the outcome.

Health Insurance Knowledge


Having a practical and relevant understanding.

Health Insurance Experience


Advanced knowledge gained through first-hand experiences.

Victory Insurance Partners

Victory Insurance Partners

Every aspect of health insurance involves some sort of partnership. Having the right partners, with the right knowledge, the right experience, and the right products will help you be a successful agent and help clients have the experience they deserve. We believe the greatest partnership is that of the client and agent.

Robert Falk Health Insurance Agent

Robert Falk – Broker

Robert is the managing member and principle broker of VIP Agency LLC. He offers years of experience in the industry helping clients and training agents, and decades of sales experience.

The Best Health Insurance Solutions

The Best Health Insurance

The best health insurance looks different for everyone. Health insurance plans should be tailored to the unique health needs and wants of each individual. Everyone’s coverage and price is different, this requires properly trained agents with attention to detail to identify the best health insurance for an individual or family.

On Exchange ACA Marketplace Health Insurance


On-exchange health insurance plans meet or exceed ACA requirements and pricing can be based on income.

Off Exchange Private Health Insurance


Off-exchange medical insurance plans meet or exceed ACA requirements and prices are sometimes more competitive.

Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term

Short term medical plans are available for 1 to 36 months and offer lower prices and larger national PPO networks.

Fixed Indemnity Insurance Policy

Fixed Indemnity

Fixed indemnity insurance plans help pay for out of pocket costs that your main medical plan doesn’t cover.

Dental Insurance


Dental insurance plans help you stay on top of routine dental care and help you cover the costs of certain dental procedures.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance plans help protect you and your family from illnesses like cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.

Accident Injury Insurance


Accidental insurance plans help pay out of pocket costs like your deductible and max-out-of-pocket on your medical plan.

Life Insurance


Life insurance allows your family to maintain a standard of living if there is an untimely death of a family member.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans


Medicare supplement plans are important to help cover the out of pocket costs that Medicare Parts A and B don’t cover.

International Travel Medical Insurance


International travel insurance plans help cover unexpected medical costs when you are traveling to other counties.